Financial Policy

Moran Chiropractic Methods of Payment

It has always been important to me that Chiropractic care remains affordable. This is possible by eliminating billing, and asking that your payment or co-payment be made at the time of service. There is no charge for a consultation. Our fee for your first visit which includes an examination and treatment, if indicated is 50 for the examination and 60 for treatment. A senior discount is offered for Medicare patients for this service. Subsequent office visits are 60 for non medicare patients. With the rise in insurance co-pays, our fees are often the same or less than your co-pay.

Insurance Plans

We are providers for some insurance companies. Benefits vary, not only from company to company, but from plan to plan within the same companies. The sad fact is that what their determination of what they may be medically necessary, may have more to do with how much you pay in premiums, rather than your condition. Almost all insurance companies only pay for acute care and not any type of ongoing care or maintenance.  Again, if I am not in your particular plan, our fees are often the same or less than your co-pay.


Chiropractic adjustments is a covered service under the Medicare Program for acute care.  I am currently a Medicare Provider.

Workers Compensation

Not currently accepting

Automobile Accident

If your injury is the result of an automobile accident, you must notify your insurance company or agent that you are receiving treatment for this injury.  In most cases, Personal Injury coverage is 100%, however a very small percentage of policies have a small deductible.  If a deductible applies to your policy, then you will be required to pay for treatment until the deductible has been met.  There are usually no charges billed to you while you are covered for this injury, providing you notify your insurance company and submit the proper forms in a timely manner.

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